Successful FERSI online symposium: Implementing proven but controversial measures

There are quite a few proven effective measures that are hardly implemented because of real or presumed barriers. On Thursday 14 October FERSI organised a successful online symposium on exactly this topic. The audience were treated to three presentations on relevant topics: an urban 30km/h limit in Spain, a strict, but evidence-based successful road safety management in Greece and the promotion of (voluntary) bicycle helmet use in Denmark. A lively discussion followed with input from the EC, the WHO and the scientific world.

Missed the online symposium? Check out the presentations below ánd be sure save the date for the FERSI conference where the discussion on topics like these will be continued.

On our way to the 2022 FERSI conference

The online symposium was a prelude to the postponed FERSI Conference in the Hague on 6 & 7 October 2022 around the same theme: Implementing evidence-based road safety measures, removing barriers and enhancing public support. This symposium clearly showed that there is still a lot to learn from all the different experiences in other countries. So, for the FERSI Conference in 2022, we expect many interesting contributions on a variety of road safety topics.

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