8th Transport Research Area 2020 (TRA2020) 27-30 April 2020

Transport Research Arena (TRA) is a biennial event, being the foremost European transport event and covering all modes and aspects of mobility. The next edition of Transport Research Arena will be held in Helsinki on 26-30 April in 2020. TRA 2020 is co-organised by the agencies under the jurisdiction of the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communication and the European Commission. It will gather researchers, policy makers and industry representatives together and offers a unique opportunity to stay on the edge of mobility research knowledge, policy trends and plans, and industry achievements.

6th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design, 28 June, 2020

The 6th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design will take place from 28 June until 1 July 2020 in Amsterdam. Held every five years, the Symposium aims to encourage the continuous improvement of highway geometric design. It focuses on the latest breakthrough practices relating to highway engineering in their different life phases, including daily operational effects and safe highway designs. 

7th International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, 25-27 August 2020

The next International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology will take place on the 25-27th of August 2020 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The conference philosophy is Taking the Swedish Vision Zero Initiative into a New Decade. The key focus of this conference will, therefore, be on the role that traffic and transport psychology can play in achieving a safe and sustainable transport system. Call for abstract is open until December 25, 2019

FERSI calls for a road safety mission in Horizon Europe

FERSI calls upon the European Commission to give road safety a strong and visible position in Horizon Europe, the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

In a short document FERSI clarifies and substantiates the need for further research and innovation in the area of road safety in order to meet the ambitious European objective of halving the number of road fatalities and serious injuries in the next decade, and having a road without victims in 2050. The document was distributed among relevant EC officials, national contact points and transport organisations.   

9th International Cycling Safety Conference, 4-6 November 2020

The 9th International Cycling Safety Conference (ICSC 2020) will take place 4 – 6 November 2020 in Lund, Sweden. The ICSC is a forum for researchers and experts in the field of cycling safety to exchange their knowledge and bring up new research topics and safety solutions. The conference includes a day of study visits and thematic workshops, and two days of oral presentation and poster session together with an exhibition.

Rob Eenink succeeds Horst Schulze as FERSI president

After two terms as president of the Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes (FERSI), Horst Schulze (BASt) will be succeeded by Rob Eenink (SWOV). Concurrently, FERSI’s General Secretary Raschid Urmeew (BASt) steps down and will be succeeded by Ingrid van Schagen (SWOV).

The primary mission of FERSI is to promote and coordinate high quality research on road safety issues, consult on implementation of research results and scientifically evaluate implementation outcomes.

Rob Eenink: “We thank Horst and Raschid for establishing FERSI as a major influencer of Europe’s road safety policy and leading us to a high level of cooperation outside and within FERSI. I look forward to working with Ingrid and our new Executive Board: Dominique Mignot (vice-president, IFSTTAR), Astrid Linder (VTI), Klaus Machata (KFV) and Mateja Markl (SPV)”.