Season’s greetings

Every year has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, 2022 was a year with many downs: COVID was still among us with restricting measures in many countries, a war started, as did an energy crisis, hugely rising inflation, as well as increasing numbers of absent people due to physical ánd mental health issues. However, there were also several notable ups. For FERSI and other researchers an important highlight in 2022 was the increased opportunity to meet again in person after almost two years of mainly two-dimensional screen contacts. One of these opportunities was the FERSI Conference early October in The Hague, the Netherlands: a meet-up of researchers and practitioners, lots of interesting new research results and insights, great discussions, and last but not least a social gathering strengthening existing contacts and creating new ones. 

Let’s hope 2023 will bring us health, happiness and success, for our families and friends, in the world and in our pursuit to more road safety.