Proposals for a contribution have been received. Feedback on acceptance will follow before 1st of May, after which final contributions can be submitted.

Contributions should focus on implementation of proven, highly effective measures for, combinations of, some of the world’s main road safety challenges listed below, illustrating which implementation barriers were encountered and how these were dealt with, including, for example, political barriers, legal and liability concerns, lack of public support, or level of road safety culture.

  • Mobility in an aging society – keeping older road users safely in the loop
  • Urbanisation – creating liveable, accessible, but also safe cities for all
  • Active mobility – ensuring that healthy and ‘green’ walking and cycling, is also safe 
  • Speeds – preventing excessive and inappropriate speeds 
  • Road users – reducing distracted and fatigued driving and riding 
  • Rural roads – reducing the high accident and injury risk on rural roads
  • Trauma care – improving the efficiency of post-crash emergency services 


• Feedback on acceptance + poster or oral presentation: April 2022
• Submission of final contributions: September 9, 2022

Final contributions

Final contributions will be published on the FERSI website after the conference. For oral presentations this concerns an extended summary of around 2 to 3 pages; for poster presentations this concerns the electronic version of the poster (1 page pdf).